Monday, May 9, 2011

What to do when your SAMSUNG BEHOLD touch screen stopped responding

Frozen touch screen is a common problem that samsung behold users may face very often after using it for a few years. I was one of the unfortunate users of samsung behold phone as it stopped responding after over two years of reliable service. Here is how I solved the issue. The good news is it wasn't that difficult. I just ordered the screen on ebay and it arrived within three days. I opened the back and unscrewed total six of the screws and carefully pry off the inner frame that hold the main circuit board. Disconnecting tape like wires were a piece of cake. You have to be very careful while pry off the lcd screen as the glue was kind of hard to get off. After removing the lcd screen, you can take out the outer touch screen module easily. Then install the new one, turn on the phone and your problem is solved. You can even get a video tutorial about this procedure on youtube. Feel free to leave comments if you want to share your experience or need more information. 
Update: Found this video tutorial as many requested:


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