Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making a DIY fitted RealD 3d glass (Passive) with a regular frame.

I have been enjoying my LG 47LW5600 3d TV for a year by now. It came with four pair of nice 3d glasses. I also had a few pairs of reald 3d glasses left from the reald 3d movies that I watched in the theater. These glasses works fine with my 3d tv so I used them whenever we had extra guests visiting us. Those reald 3d glasses were very uncomfortable to me as they were too big to wear. This post is about how I customized those glasses for additional comfort.

Here is Step by Step Procedure with the picture to help anyone who wants a pair of 3d glass that nicely fits.

Step 1: Gather the tools and items you need:
1. Scissors
2. small flat end screw driver.
3. A eye glasses frame that fits nicely on you (You could buy this type of frame with glasses from 99 cent store which I did)
4. A pair of realD 3d glasses.

Step 2. remove the two temples (Look at the hinge and you will figure out how to pull them off)

Step 3. Using screw driver pry off the upper parts of the main frame.

Step 4. Take out the plastic filtered lenses.

Step 5. Take out the glass from the selected frame (Which you want to turn into a 3d glasses) and keep it on top of the plastic lens and mark the circumference with a pin.

Step 6. Cut the glass following the outline.

Step 7. Snap the plastic to the frame where the glass used to be.


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