Friday, May 7, 2010

Why function didn't work on IE for me

I just wanted to share a recent problem that I faced while developing a GWT application. I was adding a button that should open a specified jsp page in a new window. I used famous function.It worked flawlessly in Firefox but not in IE.
I googled for possible solution and couldn't detect exactly what causing this mysterious problem as other user used same code as mine. Even one of my fellow worker was able to make it work in both Firefox and IE, while mine worked only in Firefox. Then I found a silly difference that caused all this problem. For example my colleague used:"edit.jsp","abc","");
and I used:"edit.jsp","Edit A Page","");
After playing with the window name parameter,I found out the fact that window name must be without space in order to be compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. I hope this will help any other developer who were wondering why their function didn't work on IE.
If my post help any one to solve their problem, I will be delighted. Thank you very much for reading.

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