Friday, September 7, 2012

Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville, what are the differences between International and domestic edition.

I ordered Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville two days ago and it arrived from India today. I was little surprised to see the cover of the book which was not the same which was shown in most of the site. The cover of the book that I received is like this:
I knew this book has multiple ISBN associated with : ISBN-10: 0137035152     ISBN-13: 9780137035151.

However I have compared the content with a regular version of the book:
and found that it is very same page by page. I just wanted other readers of the book to be assured that if they have received a book with same name but a different cover like me, is indeed the same book. I got the book from at a significantly cheaper price. I hope this post will assure those students who are wondering whether this international version book is as same as the regular version or not.

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