Thursday, February 19, 2015

You may save on your gas bill and same time feeds a hungry child by signing up with XOOM

Xoom energy partnered with ACN is feeding a hungry child per your billing periods when you signed up with your energy bill. Please check with your zip code if the rate is lower than your current gas supplier. In order to find out the rate, make sure you are looking into the section of your current energy bills that talks about the delivery charge (this is the only portion is going to change on your future bill), what is the rate being used there (i.e $amount/therm for gas and $amount/Kwh for electricity). If the rate you see is higher than the rate Xoom are offering (US resident click hereCanadian resident click here ) then switch, I recommend using the sure lock promotion which can guarantee that your bill won't change until that period is over. Beside Energy there are other services that are worthy of subscribing (if your current subscription of similar service is at higher price) such as: Wireless Phone Service, Home Security Service,Credit card processing service for business owners, etc. Each service will allow one child get fed each month through the outstanding "Project Feed Kids" when you pay your subscription fees. Please email me if you need additional information.

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