Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Download Aero Studio to create Multiboot DVD/CD English Version 2

To see this tutorial in বাংলা click here.
In the last part we have collected Files. If you have done everything right, your multiboot Folder should have the following contents:

Now Lets start the Aero Studio and click on Format then "Settings"

Chose a picture for the background.

Put required Buttons by clicking on Control-->Button

It may look similar to this:

I configured my button as following:

Now click on the "menu generator" icon as bellow:

Fill the forms like bellow:
Click on "Go" after it done something, click "Cancel" to exit the dialog box.

Now click on the "Deploy menu" Icon as bellow:
Now let us feel up the options like the window below:

click "Next" and then Pick the source (c:\sumon\multiboot or whatever folder you have used). See the example below.
Now its the time to use the ISO file it just generated to burn to a CD/DVD
You may directly burn to a CD and skip creating an ISO file, but I didn't try that. Instead I created ISO file first and then burnt it on a CD. Hope this tutorial will help you to build your multiboot cd/dvd. Please let me know if you faced any problem by commenting here.

Update: A few of my readers reported that, when they tried to make xp sp2 CD following this tutorial, it didn't work. Therefore I will try to investigate it, and let you know as soon as possible.


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  2. areo studio hangs at the second last screenshot. please help.

  3. Try not to put all other data, leave the bootimage file only with Aero boot information, and .bin files (if any), and add those big sized ISO later with the ISO editors by opening the targeted ISO files created from the Aero ISO editor. I heard that, Aero fails when the bootImage folder (source) is too big.

  4. great Info thanks.

  5. সব কিছু ঠিক থাকলে ও, টিউনে ছবি গুলির নাই তাই তৈরী করা সম্ভব হচ্ছে না দয়া করে ছবি গুলো আপলোড করবেন ।

  6. ধন্যবাদ আপনার মন্তব্যের জন্য ছবি গুলো যে খান হতে হোস্টিং করা হচ্ছিল কোন কারনে সেই সারভার বন্ধ হয়ে গেছে, আমি আবারও চেষ্টা করব ছবি গুলো আপলোড করে লিংক গুলো পরিবর্তন করার। ইতমধ্যে আপনি এ গিয়ে আমার এই লেখাটি দেখতে পারেনঃ



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