Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Load Gmail Faster

Those of you who are deprive from high speed internet service and still rely on dialup slow internet connection may have already experienced that sometimes gmail loads very slowly. In addition to the server’s problem, the reason could be your slow internet connection. Using the older version of gmail could be an easy solution for you. Many of the users do not know how to switch back to older version and set it to default. Here are few tips that I hope will help them.

First of all instead of using regular or address to log in to gmail account please use the following address:

You can also use this address as well:

This will help you to logged in using the older interface and the process will be quicker. You may loose the ability of direct instant messaging while using older interface.

In order to make this interface default for you you may click on the top of your page where it says “Set basic HTML as default view “. I hope next onward while using the slow connection your mail will be loading faster using the older interface of gmail. Let me know if you have any problem following the instruction by leaving your valuable comments.

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